Throwback Thursday to Halloween 2014 when I made my own Fozzie Bear costume. I had no idea how much work it would be but it was a lot of fun. Big ups to anyone who does this on a regular basis.

Credit to this tutorial for helping a lot.


OK, so first we need to get the below pattern in the correct size.

With the help of Kinko and several iterations of cutting, stapling, and modeling it on my own head I am left with this.

Looking good!


Next, I went to my local craft store and purchased craft foam similar to the one below. Using the above pattern I cut the foam. Using model glue, suitable for foam, I then glued the foam together to form the head.


With the foam head finished now I began work on the fur covering.

Using the same pattern from above I cut the fur to match the same pattern as the foam. Next I glued the fur to the foam head. Afterwards, I sewed all the seems.

Coming together!

  • Lots of coffee!


Eyes & Nose